Toast Box

Srimaeya exudes prowess in propagating the allure of Toast Box, an eminent Singaporean café serving authentic Nanyang coffee, delectable toasts, and tantalizing Asian delights. With finesse, Srimaeya orchestrates a symphony of flavors, intricately weaving the essence of Singaporean culinary heritage into each franchise endeavor. Through astute management and unwavering dedication, Srimaeya navigates the intricacies of franchising, ensuring the seamless dissemination of Toast Box's gastronomic marvels. Their astuteness in distribution channels propels Toast Box to omnipresence, enriching palates worldwide with the evocative taste of Singapore's cultural tapestry, meticulously crafted by the hands of a master.


Old Town Cafe

Srimaeya epitomizes the essence of mastery as a franchiser of Old Town Cafe and as a distributor of Old Town Coffee and Tea. Since the inaugural of Old Town Cafe Malaysia, it seamlessly merged modern comforts with authentic local flavors, captivating the younger generation with its contemporary ambiance. Srimaeya's stewardship fosters a renewed appreciation for Asian cuisine and ingredients, honoring culinary traditions with every dish served.

KAPHS Glass Fixtures

Srimaya is a renowned distributor of KAPHS glass fixtures. KPHS is a premier supplier of upscale glass fixtures. KAPHS has garnered significant acclaim, delivering quality architectural products across Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia.

LISUS Glass Fixtures

LISUS, A wholly-owned company of KAPHS, offers a complete range of stainless-steel fittings for glass hardware installation. The LISUS range includes spider fittings, glass connectors, spigots, railings and balustrade, cable truss, and tension rod. Benefit from the high-quality range of LISUS through Sriameya - their trusted distributor and collaborator in the construction industry.

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